Sunday, 20 May 2012

Einstein's Only Mistake: Division by Zero

When Astronomers today say they are following Einsteins theory of relatively, they are actually not. Einstein never accepted the Big Bang theory. Partially because he made two mistakes in his original theory. Partially because Einstein said the Big Bang theory made no sense. He never in his lifetime accepted the Big Bang as the way our universe came into being or Black Holes. He always looked for another explanation.
According to the Big Bang theory a great explosion of matter created the building blocks of our world that has been expanding ever since because of that first explosion. Einstein was one who didn’t accept the theory because of not one but two errors he made. Einstein pursued an approach to the secret of the universe by mathematics. According to Robert Jastrow, Einstein made a school boy error in algebra. What Einstein did was divide by zero during his calculations, a no, no, in math. Einstein wasn’t pleased when a Russian mathematician, Alexander Friedman, sent a letter pointing out his mistake. Einstein simply ignored Friedman’s letter. He wrote a follow up letter to the scientific journal with other calculations, proving Friedman was wrong.

Friedman wrote another letter to Einstein pointing out that he had made a second mistake in his recalculations. Friedman added: “In the case that you find my calculations to be correct, you will perhaps submit a correction.” In a 1923 issue of the scientific journal in which Friedman had first published his findings, Einstein finally acknowledged the two errors he had made.
Einstein was never fond of the Big Bang theory. He said that the idea that the universe started with a big bang and the galaxies forever flying apart made no sense. ” To admit such a possibility seems senseless,” he wrote. Although astronomers use the Einstein theory of relativity as a scientific basics. Einstein rejected the Big Bang and Black hole theory throughout his lifetime. When scientists insist they are following Einsteins theory, they are actually going against the scientific principles he believed in.
When you look at the sky at night, countless stars shine in a pale white pathway called the Milky way. You are looking at billions upon billions of stars that form our galaxy. It seems unimaginable to me that we on our little earth are part of the whole. It’s too fantastic for my mind to absorb. According to the Big Bang theory our universe will keep expanding forever. At the maximum point of expansion it will start collapsing and disrupting galaxies, stars, planets and people, and finally even individual atoms, growing denser and denser, colder and colder, thinner and thinner.


  1. Reality of the Division by Zero $z/0=0$

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